East Calcutta Girls' College, Lake Town visualizes a life-oriented and down to earth education which finally empowers the recipients to become more humane, liberal and practical in outlook. Along with educational up-gradation, the college aspires to nurture in the minds of our students a deep sense of integrity towards their country and society. Enabled and empowered they consequently respond pro-actively to concerns and conflicts inherent in today's hardcore materialistic world, especially those of women and underprivileged persons. Expectedly therefore, once out of the Institution they become the ideal agents to both transform and develop the world around them.




  To inculcate a sense of dedication, discipline, understanding and social responsibility.

  To synergize women and the underprivileged regarding their basic human rights.

  To facilitate leadership among students and thereby enabling them to fulfill their commitments towards society.

  To foster interaction, kinship and cultural tolerance